Electrolux Blast Chiller

Introducing the Electrolux Blast Chiller, the ultimate solution for rapid chilling and freezing of food items in professional kitchens. Elevate your food storage capabilities and streamline your kitchen operations with Electrolux Blast Chiller.


Key Features:

  • Rapid Cooling and Freezing: Equipped with powerful refrigeration systems and high-performance fans, our blast chiller rapidly lowers the temperature of food items to safe storage levels, ensuring food safety and preserving quality.
  • Versatile Operation Modes: Featuring multiple chilling and freezing modes, our blast chiller offers versatility to accommodate different types of food items and processing requirements, from delicate pastries to hearty meats.
  • Precise Temperature Control: With accurate temperature controls and programmable settings, our blast chiller enables chefs to maintain precise chilling and freezing temperatures, ensuring optimal results with every use.
  • Large Capacity: With spacious interior compartments and adjustable shelving, our blast chiller provides ample space for chilling or freezing large quantities of food items, maximizing productivity and efficiency in busy kitchen environments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with intuitive controls and digital displays, our blast chiller is easy to operate and monitor, allowing chefs to easily program settings and track the progress of chilling or freezing cycles.

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