Electrolux Cooker

Introducing the Electrolux Pasta Cooker, the ultimate solution for perfect pasta preparation in professional kitchens. Elevate your pasta preparation capabilities and delight your customers with delicious pasta dishes every time.


Key Features:

  • Rapid Boiling Technology: Equipped with powerful heating elements, our pasta cooker ensures rapid boiling of water, allowing for quick cooking of pasta to achieve the perfect al dente texture.
  • Multiple Basket Capacity: With multiple pasta baskets included, our pasta cooker provides the flexibility to cook different types of pasta simultaneously, optimizing productivity and efficiency in busy kitchen environments.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Featuring accurate temperature controls and programmable settings, our pasta cooker enables chefs to maintain precise water temperatures, ensuring consistent cooking results with every batch.
  • Easy-to-Clean Design: Designed with removable pasta baskets and easy-to-access drain valves, our pasta cooker facilitates quick and hassle-free cleaning, minimizing downtime and ensuring hygiene standards are met in busy kitchen environments.
  • Safety Features: Built with safety features such as automatic shut-off mechanisms and boil-dry protection, our pasta cooker helps prevent accidents and ensures safe operation in commercial kitchen settings.

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