Sammic Commercial Slicer

Commercial gravity and vertical slicers
Meat and sausage slicers for butcher shops, delicatessens, or industrial kitchens.


The range includes belt-driven models of various capacities, manual and automatic gear-driven slicers equipped with slice counter, and vertical models for meat and cured products.

Lastly, the manually operated models bring distinction to your establishment, as well as precision and a flawless slicing result to the product.

GSS: Belt-driven. Small line.
GSM: Belt-driven. Medium line.
GSL: Belt-driven. Large line.
GGS: Gear-driven. Manual slicer.
GAE: Gear-driven. Automatic slicer with slice counter.
VML: Vertical slicer, specialized for fresh meat. Belt-driven.
VSS / VSL: Vertical slicer, specialized for cured meat. Belt-driven.
VS: Manual deli slicer.

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