Scotsman Ice Machine Cube

Dice cube ice:
One of the most common types of ice due to its universal use in beverages, bulk cooling and ice bagging. It provides a greater surface area for heat exchange, which chills fast. A classic size sided dice ice with a large surface area allows for rapid chilling. Dice ice is available in a variety of sizes.

Gourmet Cube:
The cleanest and purest form, free from impurities or contamination due to its horizontal evaporator system. Round shaped gourmet cubes offer slower dilution allowing for drinks to stay cooler for longer.


Dice cube ice:
NU, NW and C Series are all air-cooled system that produces individual dice cube ice with vertical evaporator spray-system technology and a one-touch cleaning mode for labour and time-saving.

Our range of Scotsman Ice Systems includes a broad offering of self contained or modular ice makers and a range of optional storage bin combinations. All Scotsman ice makers and storage bin include an Agion technology aimed to resist the development of unpleasant odours and growth of microbes within.

Gourmet Cube:
The EC, MXG ice systems and DXG dispenser are an air-cooled system that produces individual crystal-clear gourmet style cube of ice. Equipped with horizontal ice evaporator spray-system technology and clean alert indicator to clean the filter, these systems also have robust stainless steel exterior suitable for commercial use.

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