Service & Solution

Service & Solution

NKR Continental has successfully built its reputation and position as the market leader in Malaysia.

To date, we have supported countless hotels & resorts, government institution, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, clubs, cafes & bars, and fastfood chains both locally and internationally.

As a visionary company that has organized and planned for potential growth, NKR Continental strives to actualize its client concepts of an effective kitchen that produces optimum workflow efficiency and in accordance to the industry requirements by directing necessary resources, services and quality systems through all phases till end product effectively which includes design and planning, product sourcing, fabrication and more.

Equipped with fully trained personnel and technical know-how in the ever changing foodservice industry, along with manufacturing methodology, NKR Continental are ready to support from concept to manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and most importantly the best possible after sales technical services.


N Kitchen planning & design
N Kitchen design & built
N Manufacturing
N Supply of imported brand
N Periodic preventive maintenance
N On-site equipment training by experience Chefs

Our Business

Our Expertise

Planning for a industry standard foodservice kitchen?

  • When you need an up-to-date foodservice kitchen equipments in Malaysia, NKR can provide you with professional know-how in the planning and managing your unique requirements. Learn how we can.
  • We provide customized fabrication of stainless steel equipments, refrigeration and supply various range of renowned foodservice equipments brands.
  • In help you to find the best foodservice equipments that fit your needs, we conduct specialize Chef live demo using arrays of equipments to let you evaluate the performance of each equipments.
  • For further understanding and productivity of the foodservice equipment we offer hands-on training in-house.

Technical Support

Product reliability and customer satisfaction are our priority, therefore we provide :

  • Full technical support in repair, servicing and maintenance of our equipments.
  • We are equipped with large spare parts inventory, assuring you with ease of maintenance and parts replacements.
  • Warranty programs are offered for equipments supplied.